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Special Ed. Records
About Us


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Our Label

Special Ed. is many people whether they know it or not. Everyone who supports a band is part of Special Ed. We are here to bring you music, real music, about life, love, and attitude. Music that comes straight from the heart, loud, raw, and real. We are small and run by a handful of people. Mostly 2 people. Steve Delk and Doug Garrett. Special Ed. was started to distibute garage bands music here in Jamestown. Making records for the kids.

Our Philosophy

Our mission statement or purpose is this: we believe in the right for everyone to speak out, let their side be heard. We beleive in Peace, and that everyone has a right to live. That all people are created equal and that no one person is better than anyone else.We believe our listeners are our greatest asset, and we are dedicated to serving you.

The name Special Ed. Records is not meant to be offensive, or in any way derogatory to the handicapped community. To everyone who is offended by it, get over it; its just a stupid name. If you are so concerned with handicapped people why dont you go help them out, instead of sitting on your butt looking at the computer screen all day. We've been told, that its not socially acceptable to have this name by quite a few people; and you know what? We dont care.

Special Ed. is special fun for everyone

 If we wanted to make fun of people it would be Retard records or something to that effect.